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Black & Decker TO1640B 6-Slice Countertop Convection Oven and Broiler

September 16, 2017 / no comments, on Toaster Oven Reviews


Is Black & Decker T01640B 1500-Watt Countertop Convection Oven and Broiler worth the catch?

Black and Decker T01640B Countertop Convection Oven has very easy controls and comes with a 1500 watt power system. It is one the best option available in the market for toasting, broiling and baking. The problem with the radiant heat arrangement in traditional radiant oven was that the food had to be placed in the center to avoid the direct heat of the elements as the heated air remained fairly motionless. The forced air used in convection ovens circulate the heat evenly around the cooking area and thus avoid the creation of hot and cold spots on the food items being cooked. This forced air allows roasted food to retain moisture and also cuts down on overall cooking style. It decreases the cooking time; foods cook 25% faster. It allows pieces of meat to retain their internal moisture.


  • It has a 6-silce countertop and operates on a power of 1500 watts.
  • It has a dimension of 17.5 inch x 14 inch x 10 inches. The product weighs at 17 pounds.
  • It is big enough to cook food for a family, make 12-inch pizza, six slices of toast or a big casserole easily.
  • Temperature can be regulated with the ideal broil technology.
  • It has a nonstick interior, detachable crumb tray along with a dishwasher-safe which eases the cleaning later on.
  • It can broil, toast and bake with just a click of a button.
  • There is an inbuilt timer facility in it.
  • The rear side of Black and Decker T01640B has a rounded feature to house a pizza pan.
  • To prevent it from touching the wall, it is covered by a rubber cushion which is added as a security feature.
  • It is a time savior and saves food from getting burnt due to the shut off feature


It is very simple to use and easy to clean, nice to look and elegant to keep. It doesn’t heat up the kitchen and can bake consistently. It acts as an all-rounder toaster oven. It doesn’t take up much space and can be used for a wide range of foods. In convection oven, food can be reheated faster than in a convention oven that too without the risk of uneven heating or dehydration. The constant stream of heated air that blows across the surface eliminates the extra moisture, creating an external crust that many food lovers prefer in roasted food.


Circulating air quickly browns the outer layers of food which is a desirable benefit for breads and pies, keeping the internal layers moist and light. Less oil is required and the fat is eliminated due to the broiling technology.


As every rose has thorns, even Black and Decker T01640B Countertop Convection Oven is not without its demerits. It has a small fan noise. Also, while making a toast it is not easy to manage the shadows.


The convectional heating, lifts the product and can bake at a lesser heat than assigned. It has an excellent design that makes Black and Decker T01640B Countertop Convection Oven and Broiler easier to clean. It is worth the money and convenient to use.


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